Unique Uses for Business Cards

Unique Uses for Business Cards

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business-cardTraditionally, business cards are thick 3-1/2-inch x 2-inch pieces of paper spelling out essential contact information for business professionals. By no means are business cards a thing of the past, they still serve a significant purpose in the business world for networking and even marketing purposes. However, business cards are evolving to create a more personal experience showcasing the business owners’ creativity and product or service offerings in unique new ways.

Anyone can create a business card but professionals who understand their customers, are creative and willing to try something new will receive the greatest benefit from developing unique business cards. Traditional business cards are boring and serve one purpose to the recipient – a helpful place to find someone’s contact information. Unique business cards are exciting, bold and offer the recipient more than just contact information, including:

  • Additional access to your business through advanced technology
  • Convenient reminders for appointments
  • Coupons/punch cards for in-store rewards
  • Snapshot of work

If you haven’t changed your business cards in years, it’s time to consider updating the 3-1/2-inch x 2-inch piece of paper in your wallet. Create an appealing design, stand out amongst your competition and make people want to keep, use or pass on your business card to their friends and family. Here are a few unique examples of how you can update your business card to showcase your business in a distinctive way.

Add value

In certain circumstances, black and white business cards hold merit, however, utilizing bold graphics, vibrant color and a sleek design will deliver immediate value to your card. If you lack the creative gene, consult your staff for ideas on color schemes or logo integration to see if you have any in-house talent, otherwise, seek out a professional designer to create a bold new look. Most designs look best on 14- or 16-point matte glossy paper – keep this in mind as you create and order business cards with eye-catching graphics.

You can also add value to your business card by giving recipients a snapshot into your work. This is a great idea for artists, photographers or actors as they can incorporate thumbnail images of paintings, headshots and published works.

Add tech and social

If you haven’t changed your standard business card template in the last 10 years, chances are they don’t include any social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ and you certainly don’t have a QR code. Staying active on social media is a great way to build your brand, engage with customers, share company news and it enhances your online credibility and presence. Include your username and URL for your preferred company social networks on your business cards – you can even incorporate branded hashtags or a unique contest or promotional hashtag. Including this information promotes user engagement and increases online awareness of your business.

QR codes are another great way to boost user engagement and grant card recipients deeper access to your company. A digitized square, QR codes are scanned from a user’s smartphone and open a specific landing page – this could be your businesses’ website, an app, a contest page or anywhere else you’d like to direct customers on the web. QR codes are easy to make and embed on business cards – they are also a great way to generate traffic to a specific page.

Loyalty/coupon/appointment cards

Using your business card as a way to promote customer loyalty further entices the card recipient to hold on to your business card and create a lasting relationship with your business.

Appointment cards help schedule the customers’ upcoming engagements with your business – these work great for doctors, dentists, mechanics, physical therapists, trainers and more. Keep your company information on the front of your card and create a space on the back for your staff to jot down return dates for upcoming appointments.

Loyalty or coupon cards also help promote return customers. The idea is the same – create a bold and eye-grabbing business card with all of your company contact information – but also incorporate a punch or stamp reward club into the design so customers can earn points each time they shop. This incentivizes the customer and gives them a reason to keep your card close by at all times as well as spread the word to their friends about your great products and deals.

Become inspired

Updating your business card takes time, thought and a lot of trial and error when crafting the perfect message or look. Business cards are beginning to drift further away from the traditional wallet size and embody what the business represents. From bottle opener business cards for breweries to a tiny skateboard deck for a repair shop, unique business cards are popping up everywhere. Here are a few articles where you can become inspired to create a unique business card your customers will love:

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